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Cambodia energy market is mainly domestic coal and hydro generation, struggling during seasonal peak demands. The power tariffs for Commercial & Industrial customers has significantly escalated since 2002, and the electricity market in general is very volatile.

Since 2002, Cambodian power tariffs increased by 40%

Installed Power Capacity (2016)

The Cambodian energy sector

  • Cambodia has transferred from imported and oil fired generation, to domestic coal and hydro generation.
  • Seasonal domestic hydro supply is struggling to adapt to increasing peak demands.
  • Government planned power cuts in 2019 due to shortage in capacity over demand.

Industrial power prices – peak hours *

Electricity tariffs evolution

  • Power tariffs for C&I customers has escalated at an average of 2.7% annually
  • Tariffs are depended on external factors such as the season, coal prices, and geopolitics.
  • New EAC day and time usage regulations to be compulsory to all consumers in Jan 2021.

* Source: World Bank funded report In-Depth Study on Electricity Cost and Supplies (TDSP/2012/081/02/1)


Government Lead Initiatives:

  • There is no target for energy efficiency and renewable energy development is just starting
  • According to the 4th ASEAN energy outlook 2013-2035,the share of RES could reach 20% of the total capacity by 2020 if existing policies are successfully implemented
  • INDC targets (2015) aim to reduce GHG emissions by 27% by 2030. More than half of the reduction will be from power generation (16%)

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