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Macy’s – PV Rooftop

Countries: United State

Macy’s is one of the leading US companies for installed solar, with 70+ locations equipped with rooftop solar PV systems.

Together with Macy’s, we continued to identify opportunities around the country where solar installations make the most economic sense and where they best support the company’s growing sustainability goals.

In 2016, Macy’s again increased its commitment with the following goals:

● Reduce energy usage on a kWh-per-square-foot basis by 2% each year
● Install an additional 25 percent to 35 percent of solar power systems over 2012 levels.

Rooftop PV installation
TotalEnergies installed size
38.9 MW
Contract Duration
Est. Annual Output
50,200 MWh
Revenue from Electricity Sales
USD 5.2 million

Key figures

  • 71 sites
    Across US

  • 35%
    Reduced Electricity Consumption