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Safety Is Our Utmost Priority

At TotalEnergies, every project embarked on is conducted under stringent Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) standards. From the design
phase to the construction and maintenance of every solar station, safety is at the core of our processes, a goal shared throughout
our organisation.

An All-Encompassing Policy

From the certification of our suppliers to HSE requirements in our design practices as well as adhering to local and international
standards, we ensure a smooth incident-free experience before, during and after project launch.

Structured within our operational processes, our HSE covers every segment of a project’s lifecycle while following a robust protocol
of identifying risks and preventing risks, provision of safety training as well as continuous improvement cycles.

Generating More Power with High Standards in Safety and Quality


Testing and certification

  • Fire rating and testing
  • Salt mist testing
  • Weather and high wind loading
  • Aging and performance

Factory delivery inspection


System optimisation

  • Minimise shading
  • Increase yield and performance

Key considerations

  • Cable losses
  • Thermal increase

Incorporation of safety requirements

  • Roof Access
  • Walkways
  • Lifelines

Factoring in local and international standards


Rigorous contractor selection process

  • Compliance review
  • Financial evaluation
  • HSE record
  • Capacity and technical capability assessment

Deployment of on-site project engineer

  • Ensure safety on site
  • Monitor daily work progress

Comprehensive quality assurance and control procedures

  • Deliveries acceptance
  • Work acceptance
  • ITPs
  • Commissioning

Operations & Maintenance

24/7 monitoring

Regular inspections on key electrical and performance components

Regular cleaning and maintenance

Thermographic surveys on modules for hot spots

Fire Prevention: The Highest Standards For Every Facility

Through building PV systems on our own industrial plants and service stations that are subjected to the most strict fire safety measures, we bring the same fire prevention standards to our customer’s facilities.

By conducting proper installation and regular maintenance of the solar systems with certified material, we prevent any potential fire threat. This care extends towards the selection of the PV modules, connectors, DC cables, junction boxes and metallic parts. All these equipment come with the highest fire prevention certificates and are installed in accordance with industry-leading fire prevention practices.

  • We have built PV systems on its own industrial plants and service stations, which are subject to the most strict fire safety measures. The same fire prevention standards are applied at customers’ facilities.
  • Properly installed and maintained solar systems, with certified material, are no bigger fire threat than any other electrical system.
  • We select PV modules, connectors, DC cables, junction boxes and metallic parts with the highest fire prevention certificates and installs them according to industry-leading fire prevention practices.

Utilising Quality Equipment With Credible External Providers

Quality is key and at TotalEnergies, we spare no expense in the procurement of quality equipment in building each and every solar station.
With partnerships with quality vendors as well as utilising our own proprietary equipment, we ensure every necessary equipment, from
the PV modules to cables are compliant with the latest safety standards.

Our external providers are subjected to a 2 stage audit process to ensure we partner with the very best. These include a paper audit
covering financial analysis and corporate due diligence as well as a factory audit which assesses the management, processes,
operations and manufacturing quality of the equipment.

TotalEnergies has a 2-stage process to select external providers: